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: must *cough* sleep *cough*

Woo hoo!: Urgent Care = Doctor's Visit = $10 copay! + paid sick time. I think I'll go.

Update: Doctor says it's allergies. He says allergy pills and cough syrup + codeine. And shut the windows while we sleep.

[Comments] (2) : I got a "birthday bag" at work. It had a Pepsi, a mini bag of Cheez-its, mini granola bar, Twix, mini Pringles and a movie ticket. How fun!

: Doctor also gave me a perscription nosespray. I remember the first time I ever used these things- February 2002- trying to clear up my permanent headache and sinus infection. I didn't know you were supposed to inhale while squirting! Susie: Is this supposed to be coming out my nose? Kristen: Did you inhale it?

Hee hee. I did a lot better this time.


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