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Labor Day: What a great weekend. I say that every Monday. Since I got all my cleaning done Saturday, I got to spend today... Scrapbooking! I actually scrapbooked 4-5 hours today. I made three pages and finished two others, and made/finished 12 cards, but I was mostly using scraps I already had ready to make cards with. I also sewed three more squares for my quilt (made myself do that first) and sorted through all my stickers and extras. It was so nice to pull out ALL my stuff and spread it out everywhere. I actually had a pretty good system down where I could easily reach most things. Maybe my stuff is finally to the point where it is accessible enough to actually use.

Anyway, I finished our Moab pictures- four pages. I also made a page from 1 picture from Easter. I am anti- "1 picture per page" but I only had one and it was so cute I wanted to spotlight it. It's of Me, John, Jodi, Franco, Logan, Ember, James and Hannah with our Easter baskets. The colors are so bright and real, and I had some cute Easter cutouts from Jamie's getting-rid-of pile that I used (I love Jamie's getting-rid-of-piles).

I love holidays not only because of the free day but because now my week is 1 day shorter! And Friday I am going to Bakersfield to see my mommy!


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