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[Comments] (3) Enriched: Last night, on my way to Enrichment, I watched two cars pull over as if they'd just had an accident. The drivers both got out, examined their bumpers, then the girl in front waved the guy away and they both drove off. I was stopped at a red light watching this, don't worry.

Enrichment was very interesting. There were only two other young girls there, both pregnant. One of them and I are getting to know each other pretty well, so that was nice. We were learning about parenting/family. There were four classes: family fun, cooking, arts & literature and religion. One of the "professors" was a complete crack-up; She was over 80 years old and I just about died laughing as she told us the story of her liberation through the invention of Tampax.

I got home later than John, amazingly enough. Poor thing has been working horrendous hours.

If Enrichment was still called Homemaking, would I have called this entry "Homemade"?


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