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[Comments] (2) Misc.: Some random things I've been meaning to mention.

Last week John and I watched The Wizard of Oz. We both cracked up laughing when the scarecrow said, "Of course, some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don't they?"

We bought a digital camera with Target gift cards we got for Christmas. (Thanks Mom, Uncle Garry... and Rachel.) I am a terrible photographer. I shall have to practice on our cruise! Only 134 more days.

I have had a terrible time the last two weeks being the Primary Chorister. So terrible, in fact, that I wouldn't do it this Sunday and played the piano instead. Mer. Next week I get to teach 5 year olds with John instead (although I'm sure I'll still be playing the piano).

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Posted by rachel at Tue Jan 10 2006 19:43

you're welcome. primary chorister seems like a thankless job.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Jan 11 2006 10:21

Thanks for rubbing your cruise in our faces again!! ;p

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