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[Comments] (3) City Girl: cheese alert.

I am picking John up at the LA office today on the way to Bakersfield. I was just thinking about when we did the same thing before Grandma's funeral. I got off the freeway and drove down among all those tall buildings with people in suits bustling everywhere and felt like I'd come home. It was a bit like the moment I realized I wouldn't be happy working for a small company.

Of course, I have the same feeling when I'm driving on the 58 through hills covered in dead grass, or thinking about bike rides at our house in the vineyard. But there was just something about all those people going about their lives together in a jungle of steel and glass...


Posted by John at Fri Jan 13 2006 08:20

I guess I'm a suburbianite. Cuz I'm tired of laying in that comfy bed and, without fail, being awoken at 2 am to the sound of a fire engine.

But each building is unique and is fun to look at!

Posted by Susie at Fri Jan 13 2006 09:37

It's just cause you miss me!

Posted by Alyson at Fri Jan 13 2006 15:40

You are a city girl!

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