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[Comments] (2) OnStar Moment: Yesterday at the grocery store, I forgot to use my coupon, so I went back to the Customer Service Center. The girl was really nice and not only let me use it after the fact, but let me keep the extra dollar when she accidentally scanned it twice.

Ten minutes later, at the gas station, a guy came up to me and asked me for money for bus fare for he and his wife. "Right", I thought. I told him I didn't have any money and wondered if he would want the 10 cents in my purse. As I was getting in the car, I remembered the scripture that says if someone asks for money, it's the Lord's job to judge and your job to give. Suddenly I remembered the $2, so I grabbed it and ran over to give it to him. I mean, I wouldn't have had the $2 in the first place if it hadn't been for the nice girl at the store.

As I drove off, I saw him go over to his wife. She was standing there looking at a bus map.

In Romania there were a lot of people begging for money. You can't give to everyone. I mostly just gave to the street kids, and even then, I mostly bought/gave them food. (In general, they ate the food, whereas the money was given to their parents.) There was this one sweet old man we walked by every Sunday on the way to church. I always gave him a 10,000 lei (about 30 cents; a decent amount to receive from one person while begging). I was doing my alms on Sunday! Oh wait, maybe it's healing people you're not supposed to do on Sunday? Well, we did that, too.


Posted by Joe Walch at Sat Jan 28 2006 14:21

You never know how much you can help.

On the Romania/Third World Country theme, are we as Americans greedy because we cringe when just one job goes overseas to one of these underemployed country, or am I just getting myself into trouble by even bringing up the subject.

Posted by Joe Walch at Sat Jan 28 2006 14:24

I suppose the only solution for both problems (local and international) is for me to try to have a pure heart.

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