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[Comments] (3) : Whew, I had such a long weekend I don't even know where to begin. In fact, it was so long that it's Thursday and still feels like Monday. I went with Jamie and her friend Tina (from her ward). We met Elayne there, a girl Jamie met online and always stays with. We had two adjoining rooms at Treasure Island.

Vegas was awesome (not the city itself, but the things I did). I didn't like that I had to spend so much money eating out, even considering I just had snacks for two breakfasts and two lunches. But I had a fun time with Jamie and her friends. We walked down the strip to watch the different free shows, ate crepes at The Paris hotel. FYI, the Sirens of TI show is not kid or average-person friendly. It was very trashy and I don't recommend it. Sunday afternoon we went to a class and made a cute file folder mini-book.

The CHA show was great too. The first day we gathered catalogs and then stayed up all night matching papers. On day two I got to roam around and make some of the free stuff. I made several mini-books (mini-books are the "thing" right now, but I think they are stupid. John says, "do people just have piles of mini-books on their coffee tables?" I mean one or two is ok.... anyway) some cards and other misc items. I got free adhesives and inks and some papers and a massage. I had a lot of fun wandering around and making free stuff. The cutest thing I made was a composition book covered with strips of patterned paper. I love the papers I used and it also has some cute stickers on it.

We stayed up very late finishing the kits we were planning and went back to the show on Wednesday to drop off orders. I snuck in a few more card making sessions. I didn't get home until about 6 on Wednesday because I had to do a bit more work at Jamie's house.

It feels so good to be home! Well, right now I'm at work, but you know what I mean. I missed my husband. I am very tired, from the late nights and early mornings. Happy for a two-day work week. Tonight is shopping, laundry and I promised John a real dinner and a hot tub visit.

: One of my co-workers just returned from the Phillipines and brought Noelle and I beautiful glass bead bracelets. My bracelet is so colorful and pretty, I love it!

I am glad to be home with my post-CPA exam husband. We planned to go to Disneyland tomorrow after he works a few hours, and now he is threatening to take me tonight too! I am so spoiled.

: Went to Disneyland twice this weekend. Friday night we saw Fantasmic and went on Splash Mountain. Visit #19, on Saturday, started a bit late because John's windshield got attacked on the way to visit #18 and we had to wait for it to be replaced. Saturday we were being picky about how crowded it was and didn't do a lot. We ate at the Rainforest Cafe though, and watched the fireworks show and the projection on "it's a small world".

Primary lesson went better yesterday. We have to do Sharing Time this month though.

: I was doing some research online for training resources and I found this video: Meetings, Bloody Meetings. Made me laugh. I've had work to do today! I almost forgot what it feels like...

[Comments] (2) Fire: It took almost my entire drive home yesterday to realize the white stuff floating in my window was ashes. This morning all the cars had a nice little layer of white flakes. The article is right, though; sometimes there are strange winds blowing around (the place I work is near the mouth of this canyon). When I got out of my car at work today it felt like 80°. Yucky.

[Comments] (2) : I went to a little dinner party last night with the other girls in the ward who are married to accountants. It was a lot of fun. I am really enjoying our ward and all the friends I've made. Except that there was only one other non-pregnant person there, with her little boy. I brought Fudge Sheet Cake, except I forgot to bake it in a sheet pan. Yum.

Since John got home so late last night (9:30, poor guy), I was also able to finish a layout I've been planning for weeks in my head. I made this for John for Valentine's day and you can see it in my gallery once it is posted. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture to put on it yet, but I have a secret plan to have some pictures taken of us tomorrow, and I am determined to get some digital photos printed next week.

[Comments] (5) Funny Things: Susie: Do you like the name Sophie? John: Sophie Neuveau! Susie: That means "new". John: It also means last name!

John: Since it's July, I think we can put the heater away.

John on eating shrimp scampi, a la Lady and the Tramp: I can push a shrimp over with my nose.

Primary.... Teacher: What city were [the sons of Helaman] in? Child: California!

Chorister: What's your favorite Primary song? Child, under her breath: God Bless America.

Y2K Quotes: Susie: There are plenty of men to go around. Mom: Not decent ones! Susie: Well, they're more decent after they're dead.

Kirin: Lucky for us that light was green. Susie: What light?

Susie: There was a stop sign there. Kirin: For me?!?

[Comments] (3) Shallots: I went to the store yesterday to buy milk (and spent $25). I'd never seen so many men in the grocery store before, by the way. Anyway, I got some shallots to use in John's shrimp scampi, having made up a recipe by looking at the ingredients in a frozen shrimp dinner. Leonard told me shallots were about the same per pound as onions, but he was wrong. Yellow onions: 3lb/$1. Shallots: $2.39/lb. Maybe you don't use as much? I got three for 37 cents.

So there I was, making shrimp scampi for my Valentine. I threw some butter, garlic and a minced shallot in a pan. Added a splash of lemon juice. Thawed the shrimp. I turned back to my pan and the shallots had turned blue!! It had to be the lemon juice. John ate it anyway.

From one non-fish-loving wife of a fish-lover to all the others: frozen cooked shrimp is not stinky at all, even when cooked more.

The Real Valentine's Day: John didn't get home until 9:20 last night. But when he did, his new plants were nicely repotted for him. And he had an entire hawaiian pizza in his arms. True love.

Furniture Love: Andrea dragged me to the furniture store at lunch today and I saw the most beautiful chair!! The tag said it was a "cuddle chair" (and also that it was $650), basically a circle chaise, and it swiveled. And it was so soft. I am looking for a link online, but I've only found an ugly one for 3 times the price.

Update: Oh well, here's the ugly one.

[Comments] (1) B-town pitters: The Real Disaster of my trip to Bakersfield was the drive up here. It took me over five hours!!! Why? Traffic. Traffic. Susie's car acting funny. More traffic. Really a lot of traffic. "Snow escort". By which point I am so used to going 5-20 mph I could hardly go 80. I never found out what a snow escort is. Unless it is "absolutely nothing, including snow."

There was a lovely meal of stirfry and banana splits waiting for me. And Mommy waited up for me. Rachel and I did some henna. Unfortunately she had just scrubbed her bathroom and put up a new shower curtain liner.

We stayed up much too late giggling. We rehung Rachel's curtains. She put hers on upside down, I put mine on backwards and they were both in the wrong place. After we re-rehung them, we realized it didn't matter because of the valance. This was, of course, hilarious. Rachel also told me a story about her lamp, but I told her I wouldn't share it with the world. Yet. Oh, and I told her about the time I stood on the kitchen chair to take a picture of a layout. thump, thump, thump. What is hitting my hair? The ceiling fan. Sheesh. I have become very ditzy in the past few months.

Today I pittered around the house. I cleaned henna out of the bathtub, algae out of the fishpond and clothes out of mom's closet. Then I juiced a giant bucket of lemons (8 pint baggies), and made 12 individual containers of zest. I made soup, drove all over town looking for a lightbulb, took Rachel her lunch, and heated up Mom's rice bags several times. I also wrapped a gift for Jennifer Nation's (Jorgensen) wedding reception tonight. Time to get pretty.

[Comments] (4) Tonks Says Hi: Gretel is really unhappy that I am in here on the computer and she is outside. I think she is trying to dig under the door.

Anyway, here's the update on the weekend. Yesterday I spent a few more hours cleaning out the fish pond and the pumps. Unfortunately, the pumps don't work, so the actual water is dirtier than ever. Poor fishies. I filled up the green waste bin with water plants and roots galore.

I am feeling pretty sore now, from kneeling on the cement, and also from falling off Rachel's chair yesterday. Actually, the worse part about that fall is that I was holding a plate of rice. I didn't drop it, but it bounced. Susie: What if I fall off the bed? Rachel: That would be really funny!

Since Mom hasn't gotten out of bed much this weekend, we have spent lots of time in her room. I dug out Mom's rice bags and have been heating them up for her. For all her hemhawing before when I suggested them, she is quite enjoying the spoiled treatment. Last night we nagged Mom and had a long talk with her. Rachel: Do you think I should - Mom: I can't do your thinking for you. Rachel: Oh, I was asking Susie.

Rachel and I also took a gigantic walk around the neighborhood and down to the park. With Gretel. We attached her leash to a pole and went on the swings. It was fun, except Gretel didn't quite get that the swing goes both ways. She got her nose bonked on the return ride a few times. Susie: Are these ears? How do you tell on a dog?

Rachel and I also did pedicures. My toes are all pink-sparkly now. Rachel gave me a nice hand massage. Susie: Are you stealing my diamonds? Rachel: I don't want what comes with it. Susie: A warranty?

[Comments] (4) This Annoys Me: "You have one unheard message. The following message has not been heard. First unheard message."

Ok already. I get it!

[Comments] (1) Buzzzz: It seems like everytime I sat down at my desk I had more voicemails today. I probably had 15! Today was the first of a yet-to-be-determined number of days on which I will be spending three hours assisting the medical department. Most people would balk at having their workload double, but I am excited. I billed my first project-related hours today! We also had free lunch and a lot of leftovers. I am bringing home sandwiches and some desserts. We also had a benefits fair. I had two cookies, a granola bar, a pear, a mini-Jamba and a chair massage.

[Comments] (5) Shopping Spree: Last night I went to the mall (ok, South Coast Plaza) to get a hairclip. I found no such hairclip, but I did find the Robinson's-May closing sale. Everything was 40-70% off, and most of it rang up even cheaper than I thought. I bought two nearly identical cream sweaters, a nice blue shirt for work, a new slip, a green corduroy jacket ($14!) and a shirt for John, all for $97. One of the sweaters had a scarf attached to it (It didn't "go" with it -apparently thought they'd have a hard time selling scarves in OC in February). Since the other one didn't, the girl gave me an additional discount on it. Unfortunately, I was too late to get John any slacks in his size, because that's what he really needs. And no hairclips.

Looking Forward to the Weekend: And by "weekend" I mean "seeing my husband."[0]

John has been working very long hours this week. He finished his project last night, only to have two more dumped on him. Last night I was half-asleep reading when he got home, and handed me two M&M cookies. So busy and still he thinks of me!

Tomorrow we have a temple appointment and hopefully we will make it to Disneyland. I have an exciting Primary lesson prepared. We are going to use yarn to measure how tall the kids are, and also make items from New Testament times out of salt dough.

[0] This is the first time I have used the phrase "and by 'X' I mean 'X defined in a specific, applicable and Lemony Snickett-ish manner'" in an entry, despite overusage in real life. It's such a handy sarcasm/deadpan vehicle.

What Nephews Are Good For: Chad hit me in the head with an inflatable baseball bat so I chased him down and tickled him into submission. I was fairly merciful; I didn't want him lying on the floor too long in his church clothes.

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