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: I have had a lovely day at work. I've been busy but the other people I've been working with have been cooperative and supplied necessary information. It's amazing how helpful people can be sometimes. I managed to complete two travel itineraries today, organize two training schedules, create a huge pile of training records and also did some training.

Also, I finished The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy at "lunch". It ended rather abruptly because there is a 94 page making-of special at the end. The book was quite funny, but I'm afraid if I hadn't already seen the movie I would have been lost. As it was, I had to remember what happened in the movie to keep from wondering why the plot had fallen apart. But funny nonetheless.

I am going to the Post Office to do shipping after work, but John and I have another library date to make. He has given up on The Last Mohican.

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