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[Comments] (5) Hey, People at Mom's House: What are you feeding the cats?

I stamped a piece of incoming mail from "J. Bean" today.


Posted by rachel at Mon May 01 2006 23:08

Anne is feeding them "alley cat" cat food and not friskies... and Alyson is trying to feed the catfood to us!

Posted by Susie at Tue May 02 2006 07:15

tee hee!

Posted by Kristen at Tue May 02 2006 11:04

Our cat Tiger lived over 17 yrs just eating "Alley Cat" cat food. It can't be that bad.

Posted by John at Tue May 02 2006 12:25

It's not the food. It's that, now with all the new cats trying to join the fray (Gandalf the Grey, Tuxedo Tom, Sir Orangethorpe) the kitty door is closed for service. And one of the kitty litter boxes is right next to Susie's room.

I sincerely want Alyson to know that my reference to Susie eating cat food has no malice toward her. I make up things about Susie's past all the time and tease her about them (eating cat food, singing with Reba, various activities involving the Chrystal Palace, the Oily Times, wearing army pants, old boyfriends, etc). By now I have so intermingled fact with fiction I'm having a hard time keeping it all straight.

Posted by Rachel at Tue May 02 2006 17:53

Alyson and tha Cat Food is a great family legend

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