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I'll Always Remember: In the early hours of May 5, 2006, Mom wakes Anne up. "This is harder than I thought," she says. "I need help." Anne calls Bishop Davis and wakes us all up. Mom is wheeled out into the living room and we all gathered around on the couches. Before long, the Bishop asks Mom what her favorite songs are, and we begin singing hymns to her. Mom sits quietly in her wheelchair, raising her head after each song to tell us how beautiful it was.

During a bit of a lull, I move from the piano to the couch with Leonard. After a couple minutes, I notice Leonard has his hymn book open to Master the Tempest is Raging. "Did you want to sing that?," I ask. "Do you think that would be ok?" he answers, with a little-boy look on his face. It is about 2:30 am; I go back to the piano.

After playing the last few bars as an introduction, I move back to the beginning of the song and begin. I stumble a bit over the first few measures, then, as I'm beginning to think I should just start over, Mom lifts her head and says loudly, "What in the world!"

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