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: Back at work from a busy vacation. I picked up a cold along the way, so I am feeling fuzzy today. We had a great time in Utah. John's siblings made a nice effort to spend time with us while we were there, so we got to see our nieces and nephews lots.

On Monday morning, John and I hiked to Timpanogos Cave and took a tour. I'd never been and it was fun to see all the living rock there. We arrive home very early on Tuesday morning, slept a lot, and then went to do some shopping at Disneyland for a few hours. We went to bed early, out of tiredness and, in my case, sickness.

Our Disneyland Annual Passes expire in just 11 short days! Yesterday was visit #36 and we've got 2 more planned.

Warnings: Hot Water! Keep out of the reach of the children.

Note from Above: In college, my mom was famous for only calling when someone died, and for sending me packages with a post-it for a note (and for an awesome 21st birthday!). She once sent me a package of shaped pasta that was taped shut. Her note was written on the tape: "This was open until Misty sat on it."

There are several packets of tissues in my car from Mom's funeral. Due to my terrible cold, I've been using them and I noticed that one was written on, with permanent marker in Mom's handwriting. The only part I can read says "Donna ACD", so it's apparently a note about one of her classes.

[Comments] (1) We Have a Cat: Jellybean moved in with us on Sunday. She has been very annoying. She's always been annoying, trying to wake you up at night so you can pet her. Except now, when we kick her out, there isn't really anywhere for her to go, so she just stands by the door and meows. This morning she actually left us alone until 3:45, so that was nice.

I bought her a leash yesterday, so we could try to take her outside. She didn't really approve. We'll keep trying. She hasn't minded being let out onto the balcony. And she is good company and uses her litter box.

I had no idea I was so boring:
Keila: You're wearing a skirt! A cute skirt!
Susie: I wear skirts all the time.
Keila: But you're not ultra-conservative today.

[Comments] (1) : My baby sister is on her way to Serbia. (What is with those Richardson girls and third world countries?)

: How funny that I just wrote about Mom's strange note-writing, and Misty... yesterday I got a package from Rachel that said (written on the outside), "The holes in the package are from Tonks' sharp teeth." Thanks for the package, Cissy!

John is picking me up from work today so we can make one last trip to Disneyland (38). I actually got invited to go with a few ladies at work who have passes, but mine will be expired. Nice of them to invite me, though!

[Comments] (1) Hot: It has definitely been much hotter this summer, but people tell us it's abnormal. We slept on our couch bed last night, with the A/C. Jellybean seemed to like that ok.

Rachel says for me to post and say that she is safe, but she was able to post herself since she emailed me.

[Comments] (2) Happy Anniversary to Me: Today is one year since I started my job. I am actually having a very frustrating and stressful day at work (resonating from last night, when I was dealing with travel issues until 7:30pm). But they gave me a $10 Starbucks card!

Also... we have a new HR assistant starting on Monday. I am moving to the Finance department to do Payroll!

[Comments] (1) Someone Stole My Antenna Ball: ... And my antenna.

I noticed as I was driving back from taking John some dinner at work. By the time I got home it had occured to me that perhaps Mickey and his little wizard's hat were too heavy for my 9 year old antenna and it just broke off. I felt a little better thinking of my antenna lying along the side of the freeway, with its Mickey ears attached. The image, however, is far from (Mickey antenna ball: $5. Getting my antenna fixed: $150. Image of Mickey and antenna bouncing along the highway:) priceless.

This also explains why my AM radio doesn't work.

: Today we are having an employee appreciation "luau" lunch. The food was delicious and it's always fun to sit and chat with everyone. I am at the front desk now, giving Keila a chance to get some food and good company.

PS: We get to leave early!

The Twilight Zone: Work is so weird today. Efrain is off today, so it was dark when I got in. The A/C is out, so our servers shut down (which of course I didn't know when my computer started doing wacky things). And the phones are reset, so they ring at top volume. I'm ready to go home.

[Comments] (2) Even Worse: Neither of our new hires came today. One missed her flight; the other (my replacement) accepted another offer. Bummer!

The good news is I am going to the ward Pioneer Walk/BBQ at the beach with Diana Park and Payton, since John is working. It'll be fun!

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