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[Comments] (2) : Have been very busy with work and doing stuff for Jamie. John got home last night from training in LA. It was our three year anniversary on Monday.

Last night when we got home from taking a walk, Jellybean had created a hairball on the carpet. At least we thought she just had a hairball, but then she threw up two more times (before I stuck her on the balcony). We decided it was the milk we gave her. I thought cats liked milk? Maybe she drank too much. Poor kitty. I must say John took it well, but I guess it isn't his carpet.

: Just because you're more important doesn't mean you can be unprepared and take my stuff.

[Comments] (2) : John and I both just finished reading Eragon. It was a little slow at the beginning and hard to get into, but ultimately interesting. I get addicted to books a lot of the time. I read this one in two days, which caused me to ignore John a little bit. Poor John! I made him a yummy dinner last night to make up for it. He came home and said he wasn't hungry, but then ate two tacos, so it must have been good.

[Comments] (1) Overhead in the Office:
Person 1: Don't bring your jacket; it's hot.
Person 2: I'm going to wear it anyway. I'm French; I always wear my jacket.

: Like three of the other days this week, today has been "one of those days". We were in crisis mode at 8:01 am. I am so glad it's Friday.

I took Noelle to Coldstone during lunch. We shared a Cheesecake Fantasy. I haven't had such yummy ice cream in a long time.

: Our maintenance guy has been on vacation for a week, so I've been doing fun things like getting coffee creamer out of storage and delivering FedEx. Today I made a guy go upstairs with me, in the creepy freight elevator, to get some copy paper (we just have storage upstairs). There doesn't seem to be a lot of male non-management employees around, so we've been making them take turns doing the heavy stuff. It's lonely in the morning with the lights off and no coffee made. Only two more days of being the mailgirl.

[Comments] (1) : My poor, hardworking husband is in the San Diego office today, for the first time ever (including his internship). This is the third week in a row he's had to leave me and Jellybean to fend for ourselves. Of course, he's done at 2, so he'll be home when I am, so we'll get to spend lots of time together this evening!.

We are really enjoying our Netflix subscription. Most of the movies we've watched so far I hadn't seen before. I feel like I'm catching up on vocabulary or something. I am determined, also, to finally see the last episode of Friends.

: Last night I dreamt that we were in the Natural History Museum at night and everything came alive, kind of like that new movie with, I think, Ben Stiller. Only not as funny.

Last week I had a dream about finding and picking up change. This was after the Question of the Day on Jamie's website was about picking up pennies. Sounds like a promising dream.

[Comments] (1) : I forgot to mention that my sweet husband made me breakfast on Sunday morning. Nothing nicer!

Simple Pleasures: Three little things that make me very happy:

New adorable photos on my desktop... I just put up a cute one I took of John and Tyler in a yellow teacup.

New windshield wiper blades. Or a car wash. But I think I get new wipers more often.

Whole wheat tortillas.

[Comments] (2) It's 3:00!: Almost time to go home.

I went to Noelle's this weekend. They just moved out of her in-law's and into a nice apartment of their own. So glad to be on their own. Anyway, her husband made her get rid of a giant box of clothes that didn't fit her anymore and I got them! I took home a huge pile of clothes, most of them nice work clothes. About 5 fun skirts and 6 or 7 pairs of slacks, as well as a bunch of long-sleeved shirts. I really didn't have that many options for work clothes before, especially skirts and pants, so I'm really happy.

I've never experienced weight fluxuations (I swear I've been the same height and weight since jr. high), so I don't know what it's like to have boxes of clothes that don't fit. It must be hard to give them away, especially since they are so cute. At least they came to a loving home. I haven't had new clothes since Christmas!


Susie: 98% of all drivers are women, old, Mexican or on their cell phone.
John: Wow, I'm finally a minority.

Tonight we are babysitting three little boys from the ward while their parents attend the temple. We're excited, but going to be up late.

Death by Office Supplies: My stapler attacked me today. I mean, actually attacked me. No, I didn't staple myself. It was spitting staples at me! The third time I think I would have lost my eyesight if I didn't have built-in eye-protection. After picking two entire rows of staples up off the floor, I finally got it to staple, but not very well. So I took it to Efrain, who gave me a shiny new stapler. I told him it tried to kill me. Maybe he didn't believe me, but as I was walking out of the room I heard him cry, "aah!" At least I know it wasn't personal.

I also got some new binders today. They open easily when you push the little button, but they also close easily (while you're putting papers in). Dangerous!

I had Chinese food for lunch (I had a coupon!) So delicious. My fortune says, "you will discover an unexpected treasure."

[Comments] (1) Fun Stuff: Our ward party this month is an ice cream social. We also have dinner plans on Sunday and I think I'm going to make an eclair cake. That sounds yummy.

Happy Weekend!

More Fun Stuff: On Friday, we ended up taking advantage of an invitation I received at work for free fun at Boomer's (since I am the "special events planner"). We got dinner, $5 of tokens each, and played a round of mini-golf. All of the activities were free, but we got there late and it was pretty crowded. We still have most of our tokens, so we're going to go at a less crowded time and play some air hockey.

: I made three phone calls today that were answered by a recording in French. Really throws a girl off.

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