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[Comments] (1) : My poor, hardworking husband is in the San Diego office today, for the first time ever (including his internship). This is the third week in a row he's had to leave me and Jellybean to fend for ourselves. Of course, he's done at 2, so he'll be home when I am, so we'll get to spend lots of time together this evening!.

We are really enjoying our Netflix subscription. Most of the movies we've watched so far I hadn't seen before. I feel like I'm catching up on vocabulary or something. I am determined, also, to finally see the last episode of Friends.

: Last night I dreamt that we were in the Natural History Museum at night and everything came alive, kind of like that new movie with, I think, Ben Stiller. Only not as funny.

Last week I had a dream about finding and picking up change. This was after the Question of the Day on Jamie's website was about picking up pennies. Sounds like a promising dream.


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