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[Comments] (6) Announcement: We're having a baby!

I'm 15 weeks pregnant and we're expecting a little one on February 28th (in reality we're not expecting him/her until March). But that's the news! Maybe now I'll have some exciting things to say again.

And yes, if you've been holding this news in, you can tell whoever you want now. Unless it's someone I work with. We're still pretending I'll be in my new position before anyone figures it out.

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Posted by Sumana at Thu Sep 07 2006 09:51


Posted by Rachel at Thu Sep 07 2006 10:50


Posted by Leonard at Fri Sep 08 2006 05:34


Posted by Kristen at Fri Sep 08 2006 07:02

Our baby will be 3 months apart! I am so happy right now. It is such a big deal to have your first for some reason. Are you feeling sick? Tired? Normal? Don't tell me normal because I am so jealous of the people that feel normal.
Actually, I would never wish sickness on anyone. And you keep secrets a long time! Dang.

Posted by Janet Mitchell at Fri Sep 08 2006 19:29

Oh, how WONDERFUL! This little baby will have many "Mollie Aunts" you know! Congratulations!

Posted by Louise at Mon Sep 11 2006 18:40

Congratulations!!! That sort of announcement deserves at least that numbber of exclamation points. I suppose you have now discovered your "unexpected treasure", however, now that I'm thinking about it, your fortune cookie must have been speaking in retrospect. :) Welcome to the family Beet!

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