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[Comments] (2) Happy Times: I must say that being pregnant hasn't been too bad. For the first while I felt a little sick pretty much all the time, but I only threw up once and I clearly lived through it. There were a few bad days (Disneyland with Tyler - everything smelled nasty, and flying home from Utah at 5:00 AM). Then I woke up feeling great a couple weeks ago. I've been really lucky. I asked Mom is she was sick when pregnant with us and she said it wasn't too bad. (Of course, this came from a woman who had thrown up all food for the past 3 years of her life.) Still, hopefully that's something Rachel will inherit also. I am still really tired, but right now I think it's more my busy schedule than my busy baby.

With Jamie in Canada and all the Heritage Creations stuff being shipped to our place, there's been a lot of heavy lifting for me to avoid. If John's home, he has been a good husband about bringing stuff in, but the office closes at 6, so I think I need a little cart.

Jellybean, of course, is no help at all. Doesn't lift a toe, that girl. Lately, her favorite place to sleep is on John's pillow. Can you say "Spoiled"?

Ok, I have a TON to accomplish at work today, so I'd best get back at it.

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Posted by Rachel at Fri Sep 08 2006 14:46

Rufus likes to sleep wherever is most inconvient for me. And wake me up in the middle of the night for feeding of his special canned food (he refused to eat dry food and in fact prefers sliced turkey to cat food at all), and drink from my water glass. I think he wins the spoiled prize. He's so pathetic, really, though, it's hard not to feel sorry for him.

Posted by Paula at Fri Sep 08 2006 18:47

Hi, I'm one of Frances' friends and was thinking of her today. I decided to see how you kids were doing, so checked out the site-- I'm so happy for you!

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