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Larger-than-Life Spoiler: John and I went to see King Kong on Saturday. I mentioned on Jamie's message board we were going and someone said, "Too sad. I hate to see KK taken away from his island and then die at the end." And I said, "What!!! He dies!! gah. Oh well, what did I think was going to happen?" After the movie, I told John what happened and he said the same thing: He didn't know King Kong died either. But we've all seen him on top of the Empire State Building; how else could it possibly end? And a film that came out in the 30s is hardly still covered under the No Spoilers rule.

Overall, I liked the movie. I'm glad, however, that I read reviews by Camilla and Newsweek, because there were some gross parts. A couple people actually walked out, but I just snuggled into John. I mean, it's not like you don't know people are going to die, or how many disposable characters are left in the scene. And I know how much gore I can handle.

I thought the pre-island part and some of the fight scenes were a bit long, but I was never bored. And of course, I enjoyed the romance. There was one well-developed character that disappeared at the end and I missed him. Naomi Watts really is a good actress.

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