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Woot Dawg: We got a postcard from Rachel signed "woot dawg", and I still think it's hilarious, so I thought I'd tell the story.

All piled in the car on Christmas Day, John, Leonard and Sumana were in the backseat talking about nicknames. Very quietly I said to Rachel, “woot dawg.” We laughed for about 5 minutes before we could tell them what we were laughing at. I think we were mostly laughing because we were laughing, just the two of us, not because it was funny.

That story also reminds me of when John gave Hannah the nickname “H-bear”. She thought it was cute until James got upset over it. But once Nathan explained that John called her that because he loved her, she was pretty pleased. And once when John called her “Hannah”, she shouted, “he knows my name!”

Cute sister. Cute niece. Back to work.


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