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[Comments] (4) Sunday: John has been studying all day, so I got to spend the entire day scrapbooking! I finished four pages of the Chadwick Family Disneyland trip. They aren't that great considering how long I spent on them, but I had a fun day. And I am getting better at taking digital pictures.

John and I went for another walk on the beach pathway. We like to look at all the beach houses and pretend we have $3.5 million. We walked nearly the entire distance between Newport and Balboa piers and back. Our beach has so much character.

Also, our Primary lesson went much better this week. Our class was rearranged (there are two CTR 6 classes) so it was smaller, calmer and I was better prepared. It wasn't perfect but I am feeling much more confident after today. The children were also better behaved during Sharing Time.


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