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Stupid Sickie: Can't sleep. Can't breathe. I don't know how a body can make so much snot!

Smarty-Pants: An actual quote from a parent-teacher conference between Mom and my seventh-grade Pre-Algebra teacher:

Teacher: She is always waving her hand in the air.

Mom: Well, you're lucky. It's the other side of her in the air at home!

[Comments] (1) Nobody Likes Me: Growing up, we were only allowed to eat sugar cereal on Sundays (hence the term "Sunday cereal". Genius, n'est pas?). I remember one fine day when Rachel was pouting because Leonard or I had eaten the last of the Corn Pops. This day a new song was born.

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me
I'm going to go eat worms 
(And Corn Pops)
Big ones, little ones
Fat ones, skinny ones
I'm going to go eat worms 
(And Corn Pops)

Sorry Rach!

The title of this entry unintentionally reminded me of Hannah's whininess during the Disneyland trip. "Nobody wants to be my friend!"

Sidekicks: I noticed today that I have a thing for sidekicks. I always knew I liked Woodstock, Snoopy's chirpy friend. I look forward to his little dancing scenes in the videos we have.

We watched The Nightmare Before Christmas a while ago and who do I love? Zero. He's so cute! I even went into the Nightmare Before Christmas store at Disneyland to see if they had a Zero ornament, but it was a mass of Jack everywhere. (John likes to point out that he liked that movie before it had a goth cult following.) Zero makes a few appearances in the Haunted Mansion. He gets a big pile of bones for Christmas!

Tonight we finished Treasure Planet. You guessed it - Morph. Everytime he parroted something or morphed I said, "aww!"

I can't help it; those little guys are too cute.


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