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Sidekicks: I noticed today that I have a thing for sidekicks. I always knew I liked Woodstock, Snoopy's chirpy friend. I look forward to his little dancing scenes in the videos we have.

We watched The Nightmare Before Christmas a while ago and who do I love? Zero. He's so cute! I even went into the Nightmare Before Christmas store at Disneyland to see if they had a Zero ornament, but it was a mass of Jack everywhere. (John likes to point out that he liked that movie before it had a goth cult following.) Zero makes a few appearances in the Haunted Mansion. He gets a big pile of bones for Christmas!

Tonight we finished Treasure Planet. You guessed it - Morph. Everytime he parroted something or morphed I said, "aww!"

I can't help it; those little guys are too cute.

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