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[Comments] (2) How About: Another entry on how great my husband is?

John hasn't complained about the not-quite-as-clean house. He's been doing the laundry with me and the grocery shopping so I don't have to carry too much (he even helps fold the laundry). And even though I haven't made a real dinner more than 5 times in the past month, he still does the dishes for me. He kindly complied when I asked to go out for Mexican food, and when I wanted to take a walk when he got home, even though it was already dark.

In Primary on Sunday, he let me finish playing a game with the kids so he could take control of our hyperactive boy with Down Syndrome (the kids were fed cookies before class). He lets me go to bed insanely early, even when he wants to watch TV. Beet and I are so spoiled!


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