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[Comments] (1) Weird Stuff: As my navel is starting to look different with my growing tummy, John and I got into a whole discussion on belly buttons. I showed John a picture in a pregnancy magazine, which didn't make him excited about the concept, and I hope my belly button will return to somewhat normal after Beet comes. He claimed he had never seen anyone with an "outie" and challenged me to think of someone. Well, the only belly buttons I can think of are Leonard's and Rachel's (both innies), but later I happened to notice one of our Primary kids has an outie. I suspect my nieces and nephews all have innies, thinking I would have noticed otherwise, but perhaps this is egocentric?

This led me to wondering how many people have outies, and if it is actually less than the number of lefthanded people (a more obvious trait, at least in my circle). I can name a lot of people who are lefthanded.

I've also been wondering what happens to the 1/3 full toilet paper rolls that get removed from restrooms. Are they thrown away? Do the cleaning people get to take them home? Imagine closets full of nearly empty TP rolls...

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Posted by MArk at Fri Oct 27 2006 13:26

When I was a part time janitor I was told to throw them away, but I thought that was just a waste so I started to take them home. Now they leave the 1/3 roll on top of the dispenser and it gets used up just the same.

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