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October: Yay!

October represents the first of many exciting things to come. First we have cooler weather, fall, yummy food and Halloween. Halloween is a lame holiday when you're a young single adult, but still fun. I made a BOO! decoration for my cubicle the other day, and then (with John's inspiration) a couple Halloween cards for our nieces and nephews.

I'm excited to make lots of yummy soup and pumpkin-esque foods to warm us up throughout the fall and winter. By the time that gets old comes Thanksgiving, when we get to take a week off of life and fly to NYC to visit Leonard and Sumana and many yet-to-be-determined sights. NYC! woo hoo! Then I can get all jazzed for Christmas and the real holiday season. I love buying stuff for people, more yummy food, and we get to spend it in Utah where there will be kids. I miss the kids.

In January I'll come back to work for a very long two months before Beet decides to come out of her warm, cozy, spicy home and let John have a turn holding her. I'm so excited!

PS: Tammy was joking about the ocean-view birthing room I'll have at the hospital (which is right off the PCH).


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