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[Comments] (1) : We are having an awesome time in New York. So far we have seen Central Park, the Met, Times Square, Union Square, Washington Square, NYU, The Statue of Liberty (yay!), Chinatown, Little Italy, took a cruise around all of Manhattan Island, and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. This morning we got up quite early and went to the Farmer's Market with Leonard to get fresh vegetables, chicken, eggs, bread and etc. for the massive amounts of food we are making for tomorrow.

This afternoon John and I are going to the top of the Rockefellar Center, walking around Central Park some more, and going to see the Manhattan Temple. Tomorrow is devoted to cooking, eating delicious food and relaxing. Friday Leonard is taking us to Flushing Park in Queens. It's been a very fun trip and we're lucky to have a nice place to stay with Leonard and Sumana and be able to see everything we've wanted. Love the public transit.


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