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: Today Leonard, John and I went to Flushing Meadows to see the World's Fair leftovers. The Unisphere was very cool, but all the fountains were turned off or drained and the Pavillion was closed (although the mosaic map on the floor appeared to be completely gone anyway). Still, it was neat to see and a nice walk. We burned some of the calories from our Thanksgiving feast yesterday.

The tarts Leonard made (pear and chocolate-pecan) were excellent. I also really loved his Parkerhouse rolls and the gravy. I mostly did prep work with the vegetables, but it was fun to help. We made a big batch of truffles today, chocolate, almond and mint flavored. And of course we had yummy mashed potatoes.

Early tomorrow morning we are heading back to the West Coast to rest up for the busy month ahead. We are moving soon, and the next 3 or 4 weeks will be the busiest for me at work. It was nice to get such a great vacation in before all that. Beet has hardly been any trouble, other than my poor hurty feet. Yesterday was the only day we've had rain. It's really turned out to be good timing for our vacation.

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