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Happy Christmas Eve!: Made it all safe to Utah. We are staying with John's brother and his family (and the dogs!). Having fun so far, other than I fell down the stairs this morning and my tailbone really hurts. John insists that clumsiness is a choice, but eventually gave in with an "awww, poor Susie!"

Ember is such a good reader. She read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" to Beet last night, and I think some other stories to her Uncle John. Beet appears to be quite spoiled already. Erin is giving us her baby swing, also some clothes from her friend's baby girl, and Ray and Lynn (Erin's parents) gave us a gift which Ember says is for the baby. Such a happy Christmas for a happy baby - other than being rudely awakened by a bump bump bump down the stairs.

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