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[Comments] (3) Shallots: I went to the store yesterday to buy milk (and spent $25). I'd never seen so many men in the grocery store before, by the way. Anyway, I got some shallots to use in John's shrimp scampi, having made up a recipe by looking at the ingredients in a frozen shrimp dinner. Leonard told me shallots were about the same per pound as onions, but he was wrong. Yellow onions: 3lb/$1. Shallots: $2.39/lb. Maybe you don't use as much? I got three for 37 cents.

So there I was, making shrimp scampi for my Valentine. I threw some butter, garlic and a minced shallot in a pan. Added a splash of lemon juice. Thawed the shrimp. I turned back to my pan and the shallots had turned blue!! It had to be the lemon juice. John ate it anyway.

From one non-fish-loving wife of a fish-lover to all the others: frozen cooked shrimp is not stinky at all, even when cooked more.

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Posted by Frances at Wed Feb 15 2006 10:24

That happened to me with some garlic once. After going round and round for a reason why, I found out that it will turn blue if it was harvested too young. So now I try to buy ratty old looking garlic.

Posted by Susie at Wed Feb 15 2006 11:49

oh, maybe it was the garlic then. so weird.

Posted by Susie at Wed Feb 15 2006 14:04

It is true!


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