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[Comments] (1) B-town pitters: The Real Disaster of my trip to Bakersfield was the drive up here. It took me over five hours!!! Why? Traffic. Traffic. Susie's car acting funny. More traffic. Really a lot of traffic. "Snow escort". By which point I am so used to going 5-20 mph I could hardly go 80. I never found out what a snow escort is. Unless it is "absolutely nothing, including snow."

There was a lovely meal of stirfry and banana splits waiting for me. And Mommy waited up for me. Rachel and I did some henna. Unfortunately she had just scrubbed her bathroom and put up a new shower curtain liner.

We stayed up much too late giggling. We rehung Rachel's curtains. She put hers on upside down, I put mine on backwards and they were both in the wrong place. After we re-rehung them, we realized it didn't matter because of the valance. This was, of course, hilarious. Rachel also told me a story about her lamp, but I told her I wouldn't share it with the world. Yet. Oh, and I told her about the time I stood on the kitchen chair to take a picture of a layout. thump, thump, thump. What is hitting my hair? The ceiling fan. Sheesh. I have become very ditzy in the past few months.

Today I pittered around the house. I cleaned henna out of the bathtub, algae out of the fishpond and clothes out of mom's closet. Then I juiced a giant bucket of lemons (8 pint baggies), and made 12 individual containers of zest. I made soup, drove all over town looking for a lightbulb, took Rachel her lunch, and heated up Mom's rice bags several times. I also wrapped a gift for Jennifer Nation's (Jorgensen) wedding reception tonight. Time to get pretty.


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