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[Comments] (4) Tonks Says Hi: Gretel is really unhappy that I am in here on the computer and she is outside. I think she is trying to dig under the door.

Anyway, here's the update on the weekend. Yesterday I spent a few more hours cleaning out the fish pond and the pumps. Unfortunately, the pumps don't work, so the actual water is dirtier than ever. Poor fishies. I filled up the green waste bin with water plants and roots galore.

I am feeling pretty sore now, from kneeling on the cement, and also from falling off Rachel's chair yesterday. Actually, the worse part about that fall is that I was holding a plate of rice. I didn't drop it, but it bounced. Susie: What if I fall off the bed? Rachel: That would be really funny!

Since Mom hasn't gotten out of bed much this weekend, we have spent lots of time in her room. I dug out Mom's rice bags and have been heating them up for her. For all her hemhawing before when I suggested them, she is quite enjoying the spoiled treatment. Last night we nagged Mom and had a long talk with her. Rachel: Do you think I should - Mom: I can't do your thinking for you. Rachel: Oh, I was asking Susie.

Rachel and I also took a gigantic walk around the neighborhood and down to the park. With Gretel. We attached her leash to a pole and went on the swings. It was fun, except Gretel didn't quite get that the swing goes both ways. She got her nose bonked on the return ride a few times. Susie: Are these ears? How do you tell on a dog?

Rachel and I also did pedicures. My toes are all pink-sparkly now. Rachel gave me a nice hand massage. Susie: Are you stealing my diamonds? Rachel: I don't want what comes with it. Susie: A warranty?

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Posted by Alyson at Mon Feb 20 2006 12:14

"Oh, I was asking Susie. . ." That is too funny. This must have been a wonderful visit for you three.

How do you make your rice bags? We have corn bags from years ago (that I didn't make), but the boys have discovered them and have swiped for snugglies through the night. Dave and I miss sleeping with warmers at our feet.

Posted by Alyson at Mon Feb 20 2006 12:15

You have such a special family, you know.

Posted by Rachel at Mon Feb 20 2006 22:17

hahaha, we are funny!

Posted by Susie at Tue Feb 21 2006 07:23

The one I made I just sewed a little tube, put rice in it and sewed it shut. The ones Mom has are a little fancier, with a handle and everything. You could probably just stuff rice in a sock and tie it shut.


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