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[Comments] (5) Shopping Spree: Last night I went to the mall (ok, South Coast Plaza) to get a hairclip. I found no such hairclip, but I did find the Robinson's-May closing sale. Everything was 40-70% off, and most of it rang up even cheaper than I thought. I bought two nearly identical cream sweaters, a nice blue shirt for work, a new slip, a green corduroy jacket ($14!) and a shirt for John, all for $97. One of the sweaters had a scarf attached to it (It didn't "go" with it -apparently thought they'd have a hard time selling scarves in OC in February). Since the other one didn't, the girl gave me an additional discount on it. Unfortunately, I was too late to get John any slacks in his size, because that's what he really needs. And no hairclips.


Posted by Rachel at Thu Feb 23 2006 10:37

wow good deals!

They have really nice hairclips at a shop in the marketplace but they are not so bon marche.

Posted by Susie at Thu Feb 23 2006 11:11

I was trying to remember the name of that Claire's ripoff (that's all I need, really, I want to wear a ponytail and look nice at the same time. is that too much to ask?) Ice-something. So I visited the "Ice Accessories" at SCP, glanced at the tag on a $70 pair of earrings and walked out again. Definitely not a Claire's ripoff. And, despite having a ghastly array of metallic braided belts, and $4 earrings, Wet Seal sold no hairclips.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Feb 24 2006 00:55

I think you are thinking of Icing. I have actually found my expensive hair clip to be a good investiment. it doesn't tug on my hair or spring open randomly like my other cheap pnes do.

Posted by Susie at Fri Feb 24 2006 07:39

My cheap one lasted since high school, but I sat on it last week...

Posted by Kristen at Fri Feb 24 2006 13:42

I love sales.


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