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Looking Forward to the Weekend: And by "weekend" I mean "seeing my husband."[0]

John has been working very long hours this week. He finished his project last night, only to have two more dumped on him. Last night I was half-asleep reading when he got home, and handed me two M&M cookies. So busy and still he thinks of me!

Tomorrow we have a temple appointment and hopefully we will make it to Disneyland. I have an exciting Primary lesson prepared. We are going to use yarn to measure how tall the kids are, and also make items from New Testament times out of salt dough.

[0] This is the first time I have used the phrase "and by 'X' I mean 'X defined in a specific, applicable and Lemony Snickett-ish manner'" in an entry, despite overusage in real life. It's such a handy sarcasm/deadpan vehicle.


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