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[Comments] (8) : Yesterday I called Leonard while waiting at the post office. I love my brother. I told him I didn't have enough to do at work and he said to make sure I spent my extra time learning things and looking like I'm working. When you're writing a book you don't really have time when you're at work but not working and can learn things. He told me he was starting to edit his book and I said I was proud of him.

This month I did my visiting teaching for the first time since we moved here. They have given me a different assignment every month, with a different partner. This month they gave me one girl that I actually knew and no partner, so I went to see her a few days later. Her husband is an accountant (a common occurance in our ward). Maybe since I actually went they won't change my assignment any more.

Back to the humdrum of work. I've been slowly working on my one project, stretching the time it takes. Leonard agrees: us Richardsons have some innate ability that makes us 10x more efficient than your average human. Mer.


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