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[Comments] (4) Lucky Guess: More Luck o' the Susie.

I won the "guess how many sour green ropes are in the little jar" prize at work. The good news is that I got to keep the candy (I have eaten at least 15 of the 65 (my guess!) pieces). The better news is that I also got two movie tickets! The candies are all different sizes, which I think is cheating, but since I won I won't complain.


Posted by Alyson at Fri Mar 17 2006 15:17

Cool, what movie are you going to see? I haven't been to the movies since I went with your mom to see The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I guess that wasn't too long ago. Before that, who knows. Ah, Wallace and Grommit. I love going to the movies.

Posted by Susie at Fri Mar 17 2006 16:01

I think the last one we saw was King Kong. I guess maybe we will go see Ice Age, the Meltdown.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Mar 17 2006 23:18

you saw am evolution movie? haha

Personally I think the candy is the better price. yum!

Posted by Alyson at Sat Mar 18 2006 14:39

If you are interested in an animated movie, I'd suggest seeing Curious George. We took the boys to see it today, and it was really cute.


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