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[Comments] (2) It all looks the same from down here: Probably my earliest memory is of running into the Wilshire Ward chapel, up to a group of High Priests and grabbing onto my dad's leg. Then I looked up, realized it wasn't my dad and ran out the side door.

When Mom was a little girl she ran up to a pant leg at church and grabbed on, only to look up and find her father and the rest of the men laughing at her for grabbing the wrong leg.

Last weekend we took Chad, Justin and Tyler to the arcade at Boomer's. Despite being 11, Justin has quite the propensity for getting lost (it's not usually the oldest child who gets lost at Disneyland...) so John and I made frequent Justin checks. Once I found him sitting and watching the horse betting. He was sidled up to a man, sitting next to him on the tiny bench. I stood behind him and watched for a while, trying to see what was so interesting about the horse betting. Justin was looking over at the man's notebook, then abruptly got up and walked right into me. "I thought that was Chad," he confided. Oh.


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