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Dear Relatives: We believe our visit is tomorrow (Wed.) at 6:30 p.m. + we hope that is correct. If not you will see that we are not here. Where are we? We are out for DIN DIN + then to a movie. Expect to return tonite at about 9:30 p.m. Give us a call please so we can see you another evening.

Yours Respectfully c alzirness Soprdrcoue! Justin.

Apparently Rachel and I weren't the only ones who thought Leonard was coming on Wednesday. We found this note when we went to take Uncle Justin and Aunt Barbara to dinner. I still can't figure out what the last line says, but I am posting it as a part of our family history.

[Comments] (1) : Although we missed the company of Justin and Barbara, Leonard, Rachel, John and I had quite a bit of fun at dinner last night.

Rachel: Did I just make something up? Leonard: I think you accidentally said the most boring thing ever.

John: Always the guinea pig, never the guinea.

Susie: I'm sorry I ate your cookie; it was looking at me!


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