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[Comments] (1) What Does It All Mean?: Ok, two weird dreams I must record. A few nights ago I had a dream that I went into someone's basement to get away from the kids and the chaos and there was Grandma trying to pack up and get ready to leave the nursing home. I was SO thrilled to see her, so I started helping her pack up. She had all these containers of leftovers and canned food in tupperwares and I thought "that's gross, these are going to spill everywhere and I'll have to clean them up."

Then last night I had a dream that we went on a trip to another planet and played a game (like laser tag, or the corn maze) where we were trying to avoid aliens that were invading. When we got out, in real life (in the dream) the planet was in some kind of war or hostage situation. John and I and several other family members were standing in a line being forced to write our names on the ground by dipping a pen in ink with our feet. Our feet and the ground and everything was covered in ink. The slave driver was yelling at me because John and I were white and the other family members were Mexican and he said "you're second cousins?" and I said, "yes, he's my mom's cousin." Then the rest of the family snuck away, so I tried to distract the guy by writing my name very well with the pen in my toes.


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