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: For breakfast this morning I had Frosted Cherrios with fresh strawberries. It was very yummy. Also, I made ham fried rice with leftover Easter ham for dinner and I didn't have any green onions, so I used a shallot instead - also very yummy.

By the way, you can't put a shallot in a garlic press. Just get out the cutting board already.

[Comments] (6) Sentimental: Since I have been using the same laundry detergent for years, anything different is very noticeable to my olfactory sense. Right now I am using half a box that came from Grandma's when she died. It doesn't actually smell like her, but knowing it's hers and noticing it's different makes me think of her.

The day Grandma died, we were putting up Christmas decorations at Mom's house. I kept pretending everything was from Grandma so I could be sentimental about it. Grandma Jessie really made the Christmas blankets, but they remind me of Grandma Rosie - especially the frog one which I took to our apartment.

I didn't feel like writing about it after she died, but now I thought I'd post what I said at her funeral.

One of the things Grandma and I shared, besides our weird thumbs was telling random storeis. I loved to listen to her talk and talk. When she started slowing down, she topped talking as much, but the last time we were together we had a great time chatting.

We reminisced about one of the trips we took up north together, to a Benson reunion. I drove us home from Aunt Lou's late one night and she talked the entire way, telling storeis about growing up, raising her kids, random stories. We went the long way because we were both scared to drive by the prison. I don't think I said one word the whole way home. That's what I'll miss most about Grandma.


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