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[Comments] (2) Blast from the Past: This week I have read two teeny-bopper books from Rachel. One was Voices After Midnight, a book we both remembered reading when we were little. We were talking about it a few weekends ago and Mom told us more of what it was really about (enough to be able to find it online) and said that we'd read a preview copy from a friend of Dad's who did book reviews for the LA Times.

The other book was An Occasional Cow, which Dad read us ages ago (obviously). This book is about a girl from New York who gets sent to live with her cousins in Iowa when her summer camp burns down. They teach their pigs to curtsy for the town pig talent show and make the world's largest gum chain. I know this book has been part of our family culture in the past: "Yeah, I'll say!" Plus, Rachel is well-known in our house for making gum chains.

[Comments] (3) Truth Not Tolerance: I have a little book in my purse where I write down funny things, important things, everything. This bumper sticker I saw was written in there. What kind of people openly speak against tolerance? What's wrong with tolerance? We tolerate you, don't we?


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