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: When I was cleaning out Mom's drawer the other day I found a silver cuff bracelet and she made me take it because it was "classic." I don't like those things because they poke your wrist when you put them on and I think wrists are gross, but I polished it up and wore it with a cute outfit to work yesterday and I felt so cool! Now I am a stylish person who wears cuff bracelets.

Alright, I have thought of one (1) good thing about Spring Forward; the day seems to go by a bit faster. I think my body is used to how many hours of work are left when there is a certain amount of light in the sky. Plus out systems administrator was sick yesterday so the phone says "6:45" right now and it's nice to know it's wrong. John and I went for a walk to get chocolate-dipped cones after dinner in the daylight.

Andrea called me this morning, on her way to her first day at her new job. I don't miss her yet, but maybe once we replace either of the positions she was filling and I have less to do.

I have had a lot of dreams that I am going somewhere but I haven't packed properly. 50 days until our cruise!


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