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[Comments] (2) : We have been very busy cleaning out the house, packing things and giving things away. Today I started the cleaning process and got through Mom's bedroom and bathroom and the windows in the study. Tomorrow we'll do the kitchen. I've had two accidents (not too bad, for those who know my clumsiness), one with a chair and one with a plastic tape dispenser. My feet are very sore, but Leonard is probably more sore.

Garry sent two of his guys to help clean up the yard and trim the bushes so the house can be seen. They are doing an awesome job, and also helping to get rid of the lemon juice in the freezer (we are on our sixth pitcher of lemonade).

Brother and Sister Stewart came by for the wheat and left with an entire pick-up load of food. We gave them all of the canned things not marked by Rachel or myself, everything in the garage etc. and made them promise to come back for the turkeys in the freezer. It's nice to have it gone and know it will be used. The Langley's bought our loveseat.

Even though there will still be a lot for poor Rachel to do, I am very excited to get home and see my husband. Our cruise is in 5 days!

Leonard's friend Peter came by yesterday and scanned things from our "scan 'n' toss" pile the entire time he was here. He also, very helpfully, took a load of my stuff down to Costa Mesa - all of the furniture we are keeping and a few boxes.

Set up for the quote: We have been using up paper plates, plasticware and cups and were eating a yummy dinner made by Aunt Pat.
Peter: Well, I'll get back to scanning.
Leonard: We'll take care of your dishes.

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Posted by Kristen at Sat May 20 2006 11:29

Have fun on your cruise. If you stop in Anchorage, think of Aaron and me.

Posted by Susie at Sat May 20 2006 12:08

We are flying into Anchorage. We will wave in your direction!


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