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[Comments] (2) : I got a haircut! Our neighbor's baby, who is about six months old, has cute, long, sticky-up hair. His dad said he gets his hair cut every week. He's a cute baby.

: In the office of the ranch, where Grandma worked, there was a cupboard under the orange counter that held toys, just for us kids. Grandpa also had a giant jar of lollypops. But even cooler was Millie's white-out collection. She had every color and shade of white-out ever made, all lined up in rows. Very cool.

I've technically been using "Wite-Out". Do they think it makes them seem more credible because their brand name is misspelled? This theory is along the same lines of the used car establishment with the giant flag.

: I am having trouble subtracting 5 from 16.


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