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[Comments] (1) Vacation?: We arrived in Utah late last night for an actual vacation. Today we are planning to "borrow" Logan and Ember, visit Grandma June, have a family party, and play games with our friends from BYU, Tyler and Tasha. Tomorrow everyone is heading up to the Condo in Park City, and we're staying at the Cabin in American Fork Canyon on Sunday night. We leave early Tuesday morning.

I am enjoying just hanging around talking with my mother-in-law (I'm a lucky girl to enjoy such a thing). It's nice to have family around.

Yesterday my boss said her boss heard that I was moving back to Utah. HAH! I told her whoever said that didn't know me at all. I think he must have overheard me and Noelle talking about our trip. Lesson: If you're going to overhear, at least listen!


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