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: Saturday was the E&Y Disneyland day. Rachel and her friend Becca came down to go with us. We had tons of fun, of course, and between the four of us had 15 ice creams. We were there 14 hours, saw both Fantasmic! shows, and went on Space Mountain three times. It was pretty hot, but we all wore hats and sunscreen and we got a free sprayer/fan from John's work.

Today was another quote-filled day in Primary.

Elizabeth: I don't know what my testimony is.
Susie: It's just if you believe in Jesus.
Elizabeth: I do believe in Jesus. But my brother is nine and he doesn't believe in Jesus. Wait, I mean he doesn't believe in Santa.

4 year old visitor: I'm being shy.

Elizabeth: What is pregnant?
Susie: It's when a baby starts growing in your tummy.
Elizabeth: And then you get fat.
Susie: Yes, like Sister Faas.
Elizabeth: I wish you were my mom.

Kc: My friend is a little bit fatter, like my brother, and this dress doesn't fit her anymore.

Elizabeth: I like being in this class.

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