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[Comments] (1) We Have a Cat: Jellybean moved in with us on Sunday. She has been very annoying. She's always been annoying, trying to wake you up at night so you can pet her. Except now, when we kick her out, there isn't really anywhere for her to go, so she just stands by the door and meows. This morning she actually left us alone until 3:45, so that was nice.

I bought her a leash yesterday, so we could try to take her outside. She didn't really approve. We'll keep trying. She hasn't minded being let out onto the balcony. And she is good company and uses her litter box.

I had no idea I was so boring:
Keila: You're wearing a skirt! A cute skirt!
Susie: I wear skirts all the time.
Keila: But you're not ultra-conservative today.


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