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: Back at work from a busy vacation. I picked up a cold along the way, so I am feeling fuzzy today. We had a great time in Utah. John's siblings made a nice effort to spend time with us while we were there, so we got to see our nieces and nephews lots.

On Monday morning, John and I hiked to Timpanogos Cave and took a tour. I'd never been and it was fun to see all the living rock there. We arrive home very early on Tuesday morning, slept a lot, and then went to do some shopping at Disneyland for a few hours. We went to bed early, out of tiredness and, in my case, sickness.

Our Disneyland Annual Passes expire in just 11 short days! Yesterday was visit #36 and we've got 2 more planned.

Warnings: Hot Water! Keep out of the reach of the children.


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