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[Comments] (2) : Have been very busy with work and doing stuff for Jamie. John got home last night from training in LA. It was our three year anniversary on Monday.

Last night when we got home from taking a walk, Jellybean had created a hairball on the carpet. At least we thought she just had a hairball, but then she threw up two more times (before I stuck her on the balcony). We decided it was the milk we gave her. I thought cats liked milk? Maybe she drank too much. Poor kitty. I must say John took it well, but I guess it isn't his carpet.


Posted by Alyson at Wed Aug 02 2006 16:13

Hey, my sister-in-law's kitty threw up from drinking milk, too!

Posted by Susie at Thu Aug 03 2006 07:23

lactose intolerant in her old age


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