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[Comments] (2) It's 3:00!: Almost time to go home.

I went to Noelle's this weekend. They just moved out of her in-law's and into a nice apartment of their own. So glad to be on their own. Anyway, her husband made her get rid of a giant box of clothes that didn't fit her anymore and I got them! I took home a huge pile of clothes, most of them nice work clothes. About 5 fun skirts and 6 or 7 pairs of slacks, as well as a bunch of long-sleeved shirts. I really didn't have that many options for work clothes before, especially skirts and pants, so I'm really happy.

I've never experienced weight fluxuations (I swear I've been the same height and weight since jr. high), so I don't know what it's like to have boxes of clothes that don't fit. It must be hard to give them away, especially since they are so cute. At least they came to a loving home. I haven't had new clothes since Christmas!


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