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Death by Office Supplies: My stapler attacked me today. I mean, actually attacked me. No, I didn't staple myself. It was spitting staples at me! The third time I think I would have lost my eyesight if I didn't have built-in eye-protection. After picking two entire rows of staples up off the floor, I finally got it to staple, but not very well. So I took it to Efrain, who gave me a shiny new stapler. I told him it tried to kill me. Maybe he didn't believe me, but as I was walking out of the room I heard him cry, "aah!" At least I know it wasn't personal.

I also got some new binders today. They open easily when you push the little button, but they also close easily (while you're putting papers in). Dangerous!

I had Chinese food for lunch (I had a coupon!) So delicious. My fortune says, "you will discover an unexpected treasure."


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