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[Comments] (4) Rise and Shine: Working at 7 AM is starting to get annoying. I can barely drag myself out of bed in the morning. It's not a very good reason to have a baby, but I'm really looking forward to 3 months off work.

Things have been crazy around here. We are doing so much hiring to staff our new projects. It seems like I am always doing training, preparing new hire paperwork/files, or booking travel for interviews or new hires. It makes me feel like I haven't done any of my actual "work" in weeks.

In the meantime (before my 3 months off), I get Monday off for my birthday. We are going to Bakersfield this weekend to see Rachel. We're also having dinner at Pat's with the Richardsons on Sunday. This will actually be my first time in Bakersfield since May.


Posted by Kristen at Wed Sep 13 2006 11:42

You get 3 months off? Is CA different than Utah's maternity leave? Are you planning on going back to work after the baby?

Posted by Susie at Wed Sep 13 2006 13:23

No, there's a federal law requiring many businesses to hold your job for 12 weeks. California does offer some paid leave through short term disability, which I think is unusual.

I'm planning to come back to work, possibly part time. I'm planning to work until we move from California.

Posted by Alyson at Fri Sep 15 2006 21:16

Well, when you are getting up with/for a baby, you aren't pregnant. Being pregnant really does make a difference in your energy level/sleep deprivation state. You'll see.


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