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[Comments] (1) Birthday Weekend: I had a wonderful weekend with John and Rachel. We went up with Jellybean Saturday morning, woke Rachel up and did the same two things I always do once I get to Bakersfield: bought real food for the house, and vaccuumed the spiders.

We went to church, met with a realtor to get the house-selling started, and had dinner at Pat's with a bunch of relatives. I got a cake with candles and "Happy Birthday" sung with the lights out and everything! We get our birthdays as holidays at work, so we stayed until Monday morning, doing some more cleanup around the house. On the way home, John and I stopped at the packing shed to get some more fruit. I brought a ton to work for Noelle and Efrain and to share.

Now it's back to busy busy busy work. Training days always drive me crazy. The good news is we had an HR assistant start yesterday who actually showed up. Apparently, responsible people still exist.


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